2 Guns Review (Summer Blockbusters)


Alexander Martin, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Plot:  Michael ‘Stig’ Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) is an undercover agent working for the navy, and Robert ‘Bobby’ Trench (Denzel Washington) is an undercover DEA agent, both of whom believe that the other is a criminal.  Both are attempting to steal what they believe to be three-million dollars of a drug dealers money from a bank, which will put the dealer behind bars.  However, the money turns out to belong to another party, which causes many different factions of people to attack the partners, as they uncover who each other really is, and fight to stay alive.  Confusing as it is, the plot remains interesting throughout the movie.  A more clever person than I may have deduced a few of the twists, but I found them surprising and entertaining.  The best part is really when all of the different “factions” that are after Wahlberg and Washington meet in one place, which culminates in a great finale.

Acting:  Both Wahlberg and Washington play their parts very well, as the opposite side of a spectrum, one the older and the other the younger.  The charisma between the two is perfect, and it creates great comedic back-and-forths between the two.  Bill Paxton is surprisingly interesting as a very dark and sinister CIA agent, who gets some great moments to be crazy and disturbing.  It’s nice to see Paxton get a roll like this, as he’s generally the comic relief (recall him as Private Hudson in the classic Aliens).

Action:   While ridiculous and over-the-top, the action in the film is fun and exhilarating.  Like in most action films, the main characters stand in an open place, while enemies fire never-ending loads of bullets at them.  None of their bullets make contact, but the heroes hit every time.  These clichés only slightly detract from the flow of the film, but not by enough that it ruins anything.

Characters:  While polar opposites, Stig and Bobby have great chemistry, and are both likeable in different ways.  Bobby is a “do things himself” person, who looks out for himself at any cost.  He’s willing to do anything to stay alive, but also goes out of his way to help others.  Take for example when he and Stig are robbing a bank at the beginning.  He comforts a baby in the bank, who begins to cry when the robbery begins.  Stig, on the other hand, is a more typical good guy.  He cares more about doing what’s right than about his own neck.  This creates great charisma between the two partners.

Cinematography (Music, Atmosphere, Camerawork):  Really, I’ve got nothing to say.  It looks fine, nothing special.

Comedic Value:  As a buddy cop movie, this film is more directed toward comedy than it is toward action, so the comedic value is very important.  Fortunately, the film is very funny, especially from Mark Wahlberg, and will keep you laughing throughout.  The chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington is also hilarious, and the chemistry between the two of them and some of the side characters is also funny.  I won’t give any  jokes away, but the timing and one other element really make the humor great.

Dialogue:  This is the other element that really creates the great comedy in this movie (or in any movie for that matter).  The lines aren’t just poor throwaway jokes or puns.  Their carefully written to create truly funny interactions between characters, and are delivered smoothly by the actors.

Special Effects:  Not much to say here either.  Good, not great, but not an important part of the film.

Final Verdict:  While nowhere near revolutionary or spectacular, 2 Guns is a great ride, a nod to buddy cop film of the 90’s.  If you’re a fan of clever comedy in the form of dialogue (the movie is pretty much void of physical comedy) and buddy cop films like Bad Boys, I would definitely check it out.  I give it 7.75 stars out of 10.