Coverage of the Impact of COVID-19 in Somerset

If you live, work, or go to school in this town you know what a bright Wednesday afternoon in late March looks like. At around 3 p.m. school is getting out, there is just enough traffic on County to where pulling out on the street will take a good five minutes. You may hear the crack of a baseball bat or the sound of tennis balls bouncing as sports practice starts. As you drive home you will see a line of cars and flashing lights as elementary school kids get out of school. Last Wednesday I took a drive, however, and and what I saw was nothing like this. I pulled into the high school parking lot and saw no cars and no one else. The lights across from each elementary school where flashing at this time but there where no cars lines up and no kids crossing the street. It was so strange and it really made this whole thing very real. I decided to take some pictures to show just how much things have actually changes around us.

Masses at churches have been canceled, there are no recreational activities and Pierce Beach as closed its entrance.