Student Council Midyear Survey Results


Ryan Silverman, Editor

Recently, student council sent out a survey on the midyears that are given in the school.  With 344 responses, here are the results of the survey:


Only 16.7% of students reported that their teachers all followed the current midyear schedule.  While a majority (45.9%) said most of their teachers followed the schedule, a concerning 37.5% of students said only half or fewer of their teachers followed the schedule.


This graph is striking, showing 76% of students want midyears to take up their own separate week.  14.1% of students are happy with the midyear schedule as it is.  Only 6.2% wanted to change the time of year of the midyear schedule and 3.7% answered with a different alternative.


The results for this question varied.  Few people (16%) study more than four hours per class and the majority (43.9%) study 1-2 hours per a class.  These results seem to dictate that most students spend a reasonable amount of time studying.

There was also a comments section that was not shown.  Many of the comments pertained to the current schedule not being followed, the creation of a midyears week, or a call for the abolishment of midyears in certain classes or completely.