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Christmas Controversy

Isabella Rocha, Contributor

December 10, 2018

Filed under News, Opinion

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a classic Christmas song that’s been played for years. However, due to complaints about the lyrics, many radio stations have stopped playing the song. Instead of hearing the song as a flirtatious c...

Going Green

Going Green

October 22, 2018

Teachers Teach

September 30, 2018

Both Sides: Flaws and Excellence in Every Book

Ester Goncalves, Contributor

April 23, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Opinion

Like literary judges, we as readers must analyze the books we read. Of course, we don’t need to be so critical, especially on our choices for recreational reading. But there is the strong need for readers to analyze the literature...

Once A Week

Once A Week

April 2, 2018

Never Again

Never Again

March 5, 2018

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