This Week in History (4/10)


Artwork depicting what the fleeing from the sinking Titanic may have looked like. (Image courtesy of Willy Stöwer/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Ryan Rose, Co-Editor

April 10th, 1938

Shortly after Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Austria, 99.7% of Austrians voted in favor of the Anschluss (the German word for unification). This effectively united the German and Austrian states.

April 11th, 1961

An Israeli trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann officially began. The trial would go on for 8 months and resolve with Eichmann’s death sentence, the first and only death sentence to be issued from an Israeli trial.

April 12th, 1892

The first portable typewriter was patented within the United States under; the patent was given to George Canfield Blickensderfer of Stamford, Connecticut.

April 13th, 1743

Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadewell, Virginia. He would go on to become the third U.S. president and died in 1826 at the age of 83.

April 14th, 1865

President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth within Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. He died the following morning.

April 15th, 1912

One of the world’s most infamous ships, the Titanic, sank on route from England to New York City. Around 1,500 people died and the wreckage wasn’t found until 1985, 73 years later.

April 16th, 1917

Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from his 17 year exile and would serve as the first leader of the Soviet Union from 1917-1924.