That Night

Mr.E, The Man of Fear and Mystery at SBRHS

It was about 8 o’clock at night in 1917 and all the little ones were asleep on that night.

It seemed like any ordinary night, but that night it would happen.

Kids ages 3-10 woke up one by one screaming and crying for the parents that night.

Parents all over the town did not get a wink that night, as their kids would not stop crying.

All kids had nightmares, all of their deepest fears, with a demonic figure, that’s what they saw in their dreams that night.

A towering black demon with long limbs and animalistic claws and nails with jagged teeth and glowing red eyes; that’s what every kid saw that night.

The town’s folks had no idea what happened that night, but they would never forget it.

The town’s folks told the story through generations and soon it was thought to be nothing but a legend, but legends can be true. 

And, what happened that night will soon be happening again.

For he will come back and he will bring fear to the children once again.

For the Dreamon is the king of nightmares.