The Scare Zone: “The Man”

A sequel to “The Scare Zone: The Thing In The Forrest”.

Mr. E

I stopped just in time before I could have hit him with my car. Will rolled down the window.

“Hey!, What are you doing walking in the middle of the road?!” said Will. 

“I have the right away!” the man said.

“Does this look like a crosswalk to you?!” Will said.

“What is your name, young man?” the man said.

“Will Sava, and yours?” Will said.

“Smith, George Smith,” the man said.

My eyes quickly lighted up, I rolled my window down as fast as it could go.

I said, “Wait, you are Will Smith. We read your story in the newspaper, and…

Stop right there!, I already know what you are about to say and it is not true, I know what I saw and it has a hideous creature,” Mr. Smith said.

“If you didn’t just stop her she would have said we believed you and that we just saw the creature too! That’s why there are claw marks on my face and on top of the car.”

Mr. Smith was about to open his mouth. We heard sirens coming from in front and behind. Panic hit Mr. Smith.

“Let me into your car!” Mr Smith said panicking “Please!”

“Why?” I said.

“Because well… they’re after me,” Mr. Smith said.

Will’s face widened as I realized something I hadn’t.

“You broke out of jail! You’re a criminal!” Will said.

“Yes, but you have no idea what they were going to do to me,” Mr. Smith said.

“Give me one good reason why we should let you into the car,” Will said.

“Because I am innocent! You should know that seeing how you claimed to see the creature,” Mr. Smith said.

The sirens were becoming louder and louder. Mr. Smith was now on his knees begging to let him into the car. And I was thinking what were they going to do to Mr. Smith, to make him drop to his knees to get away. I opened the backseat door,

“Get in,” I said.

Mr. Smith got into the car and I started to drive down the road. Will started to freak out.

“What are you doing? He is a criminal!” Will said in terror.

“He is innocent,” I said in a calm voice

“Is that going to be your response when the cops pull you over? `It’s okay officer he is innocent’, I am sure that will work,” Will said.

Wee Woo Wee Woo, “This is Officer Winsin, Pull over!” we heard from behind us. I pulled over immediately. Mr. Smith unbuckled his seat beetle and started to crawl on the ground to hide.

“This is it, this is the end,” Will said.

“As long as they don’t see me, we’ll be fine,” Mr. Smith said while hiding on the ground with a bunch of stuff on top of him to hide better.

The police officer stepped out of his vehicle and slowly walked towards mine, my heart racing, realizing that if we were to check the back seats, we would be arrested. The officer made it to the back end of my car and turned on a flashlight. He started to walk to the back seat windows and shined his flashlight through the window. After moving his flashlight back and forth for 20 seconds he started to walk to the driver side window. Will was leaning against the seat belt pretending to sleep, because he was sweating all over his face and shaking. The police officer shined his flashlight at my face and then to the passenger side. I then rolled down my window.

“Is everything okay officer?” I said, trying not to sound scared.

“I am looking for one George Smith,” he said while holding a picture of Mr. Smith, “Have you seen him?”

“Can’t say I have, officer,” I said, still trying not to show any fear.

The police officer put the picture away and started to walk away, and then came back to the window as quickly as a fox. I let out a scream as he caught me off-guard.

“Sorry if I scared you, ma’am, but where are you coming from?” he said.

I had to quickly come up with a lie that I was really bad at. And Will, knowing how bad I am at lying, pretended to just wake up.

“Are we almost home?” he said in his most tired voice.

I played along with it.

“Almost,” I said.

“Where are you heading from?” the police officer asked again.

Will said, “We are coming home from our friend’s place.”

“Yes, we met them for dinner at their house,” I said.

Okay, well, drive home safely. And if you see Mr. Smith, call the cops as soon as possible, but be careful he is considered armed and dangerous,” the officer said.

“We will officer,” Will said.

I started to drive and then after two minutes had passed, Mr. Smith got back up, sat back in his seat, and buckled his seat belt.

“Thank you, Will and…,” said Mr. Smith not knowing my name.

“My name is Ava,” I said.

“Thank you, Will and Ava,” Mr. Smith said.

“You are welcome Mr. Smith, but when we get to my house we have questions for you, and if you want you can ask questions too,” I said.

We got to my house and went into the house towards my room.

“My parents are working late tonight so we should be fine,” I said.

“So you two saw the creature that I saw on that night?” Mr. Smith said.

“Yes, but there was one thing,” I said.

“What’s that?” he said curiously.

“The thing we saw was an animatronic but it had pieces of fake fur burned on it and some fur missing with two green cat eyes,” I said.

“So wait. The thing that attacked me was just a robot, but why?” Mr. Smith said, confused.

“We don’t know, but is there any one you could have made mad?” Will said.

“Not that I can think of. The people that would have a reason have either forgiven me or have passed away,” Mr. Smith said.

“Anyway, you said that they were going to do something terrible to you. Why?” I said.

“They were going to try to treat me again,” Mr. Smith said.

“What do you mean again?” I said.

Mr. Smith took in a big breath, looked us both down in the eyes and said, “Have you ever heard of the Bloody Hook?”