College with Kylee: No. 5

“Okay, but when do I apply?”

Kylee Schecter

Hi readers! Another day, another application update. Nothing new with me, but…there may be something new with you. Have you finished your college list? If so, let’s talk about application rounds.

There are usually 3+ rounds of decisions per college called Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision. Reach schools typically do not have Early Action rounds, however, this may differ by school so research this for your specific school of choice. 

Early Decision is a binding contract for your chosen school, meaning you must attend (unless your circumstances fall within their criteria to break the contract [usually financial constraint]). You must discuss this with your guidance counselor and if you choose to apply Early Decision, you, your guardian, and guidance counselor must sign the aforementioned contract. If you get accepted into your school when applying Early Decision, your college choice is made for you! If you are deferred, you may be moved to an Early Decision 2, Early Action, or Regular Decision round. However, you can be rejected during this round (as you can with any application round). Early Decision applicants have earlier application deadlines and receive their decision from their school earlier than Regular Decision applicants. You may only apply to ONE SCHOOL Early Decision. 

Early Action is very different from Early Decision. Early action is a nonbinding (no required contract/commitment) application. Early Action applicants simply have an earlier application deadline and receive their college decisions earlier. You may apply to as many Early Action schools as you want (if those schools do not have restricted early action). 

Regular Decision applicants get their decisions last, out of the three types, and usually have the latest application deadlines. You may apply to as many schools in the Regular Decision round as you want. 


So how are you planning to apply? Leave us a comment to let us know!