Recalling You

Rachel Uon

Once upon another life,

I knew a violet girl.

When I think about her face

It’s just a fading whirl.


But I remember she was kind,

With purple-ridden eyes

And flowers spilling from a mouth

Too childish to lie.


Another girl, wrapped up in blue

Like heaven in the night

Pursued the moon and held me up

Against the lonely light.


She bound my hands with silver thread

And taught me how to laugh,

But in the end, because of me,

The thread was cut in half.


If the boy with bright green blood

Had greeted me today,

I wouldn’t know who he was

Or what I should say.


And if he told me, I would think

About his cruel, cold hands 

And the way they held my own

Whenever I would stand. 


From his whispers, I was saved

By an angel dressed in gold

Who guided me back down to Earth

And loved me, always bold.


Tomorrow, I will see her face

And notice how she’s grown

And watch the way she drifts away

To leave me all alone.


In a dress of orange cloth,

My favorite always smiles.

With duct tape pulled around our wrists

We walk our street for miles.


“We’re almost at the end,” she says

But there’s no end in sight.

So when we reach the playground,

I go left and she goes right.


They all stand before me now,

Bathed in a crimson glow.

They see more in a single breath

Than I will ever know.


With a simple plea for death,

The colors fall away

And finally, recalling me,

Each of them fades to gray.