Winning In Waltham


Kylee Schecter

Approximately 427 days after their last performance, the Full Power show choir got a chance to perform live and in-person at Waltham’s Eastern Show Choir Festival on Saturday May 8. The event took place on the Waltham High School football field where choir members, their directors, and audience members watched from either the school bleachers or the grass area on picnic blankets with mandatory mask wearing and social distancing. The showcase featured Somerset Berkley Regional High School’s “Full Power”, Waltham High School’s “Music Unlimited” and Shepherd Hill Regional High School’s “Fantasy”, “Illusion”, and “T-Tones” choirs. 

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the coed varsity Electrify show choir has combined with the junior varsity Amplified and Voltage choirs to form “Full Power.” Their set consists of “Our Time Is Now”, “Great Balls of Fire”, “Starmaker”, “I Surrender/Great Escape”, “Still Breathing”, and “Awake and Alive”, featuring solos from Maggie Corcoran, Kaitlyn Jankowski, Maya Rezendes, and Erin Rausch. Amplified performed “Still Breathing”, Voltage performed “Great Balls of Fire”, and Electrify performed “I Surrender/Great Escape” while the other three numbers were whole-group. The group had no official theme for this year’s show, instead opting to perform songs they enjoy. Full Power wore the classic white top and black bottoms costume, their female presenting performers also wore blue beaded necklaces. 

Though there were no official rankings or awards, the Waltham High School seniors gave out awards to several members of each choir. Student Maggie Corcoran was given the “Most Empowering Solo” award and the entire Full Power choir won “Best Floor Dance Break” and “Most Intriguing Intro”. 

Electrify member Emily Shea described the experience as “lots of fun and a great opportunity to finally perform in front of an audience again!” Due to the mandatory masks and social distancing she remarked, “I definitely felt safe with all of the guidelines and precautions.” Summarizing the entire choir’s experience, Shea said “I’m so glad we got to perform again!”