Increased School Security


Lily Botelho and Sarah Correia

“Security, especially in schools, is a fluid thing that is always changing,” stated Officer Roberts when asked about the new security measures implemented after Thanksgiving break. Four new security cameras were installed on the first and third floors and the school doors are locked until seven in the morning. Although the locked doors may annoy some people and the school may not seem to be suffering from a lack of security cameras, both of these changes were implemented with the safety of students and staff in mind.

The locked school doors may come across as an inconvenience to those who get to school early, but it is not without reason. According to Officer Roberts, acts of violence around the country, such as the school shooting in Santa Clarita, California in early November, as well as a minor in-school incident between a parent and teacher prior to school hours last year led to this implementation. “We felt there needed to be a change to ensure the safety and security of the building prior to the start of the school day,” says Officer Roberts.  

Two new multi-directional were placed on the first and third floors near the bathrooms. These $1800 cameras were installed due to the lack of sufficient coverage provided by the old cameras in those areas. Although these large surveillance devices may seem intimidating, there are many advantages of multi-directional over the traditional single-lens security camera. Multi-directional cameras can monitor over larger areas more effectively, reducing the number of cameras needed and increasing the quality of the footage taken. These types of cameras are also increasing in popularity in many other public places such as airports, retail stores, and parking garages. “As technology improves we need to ensure the security measures of the school also improve and advance with technology” Said Officer Roberts. These new cameras, along with the locked doors, are just necessary routine steps in keeping the school’s security updated and effective.