Somerset Berkley’s DECA Teams Head to Boston


Allison Vieira, Editor

Throughout the past few weeks, the news of DECA’s success at this year’s regional competition has spread through the school whether it be from numerous morning announcements or from social media posts. I sat down with Vice-President Rory McCoomb to get some insight into our school’s victory. He said that out of the just about 110 students that participate in DECA, 71 one of them will move on to the state competition in Boston. This is an improvement from last year as there were 11 more students who competed last year. Another development from last year is the addition of written projects, which take a large amount of preparation and research.  Somerset Berkley had entered 11 written projects this year and every competitor made it to Boston.

Because our school brought home so many victories, I asked Rory what he thinks contributed to the great success of our school chapter of DECA. Rory attributes a great deal of student success to  Mr. and Mrs. Ghilarducci, who both dedicate much of their time to helping students prepare with practice test and mock role plays. Mrs. Ayer has great experience in running DECA and knows just what it takes to make this program great as well. There are also guidelines set for attending practice tests, which help increase student exposure to the material. Another contributing factor would also be the fact that many students have a strong desire to do well and demonstrate their skill and hard work.

I also spent some time talking with senior Guy Parenteau, the Co-President of our school’s DECA chapter.  I asked him how it feels knowing that this will be his last year participating in DECA. He said “DECA has been a part of my life since freshman year. Even though you can start DECA as a sophomore, I started helping Mrs. Ayer

while sitting in her Business Communications class. I loved hearing about DECA and helping at events. DECA has become a part of my life and with this year being my last year it is surreal, to say the least. I could not be more thankful for the endless memories and opportunities its has given me.” I asked Guy what he was most proud of during his time involved in this DECA. He explained “I could not be more proud of our amazing chapter. Being one of the presidents of this chapter has been challenging but so unbelievably rewarding. To see everyone succeed and to share the passion for DECA with everyone has been so amazing. I am proud of not only the accomplishments but the memories and skills DECA gives to all of our members, no matter if you advance or not.”