Freshman Student Government Elections

Tyler Barros, Contributor

I recently sat down with Mrs. Proulx, current Freshman advisor, about the student government elections. We met down in the Guidance office and she gave me some insights into what goes on behind the scenes in this year’s ninth-grade elections.

I spoke to her right before the results of the election came out. The freshman elections went smoothly, unlike the sophomore class had to re-vote because there was a technical error setting up the Google Form. 

Mrs. Proulx said that normally they have more candidates for every position, but this year there was little competition in the freshman class. The only competition was the presidential position with Zachary Martins facing off against Kristina Dias.  All other positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President had students running unopposed.

There were fewer candidates this year, Proulx believes, because freshman students are less willing to take on the responsibilities of student government while still adjusting to high school. However, the freshman candidates this year are very enthusiastic about participating and are confident in their ability to lead the class.

Although all other class candidates made videos for the election, the freshman did not this year. Mrs. Proulx felt that there was not enough competition to warrant making videos.

In the future, she hopes freshman will have more participation in the elections and have enough competition for campaign videos.