Somerset Berkley Blue Raider Marching Band Performs at US Bands Competition

Sydney and Allison Wood and Renaud, Contributor

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From left to right: Abigail Matos, Jacob Biello, Abigail Collins, Noah Mello

“We wanted to do something interesting where were trying to do something new creatively. Sometimes we read a poem, sometimes we read a book. But this year was different, we just had the idea of flying” says Mr. Marshall, director of the Somerset Berkley Blue Raider Marching Band.  This past Saturday September 15th, 2018 the Blue Raider Marching Band competed in Connecticut for the first time ever. This year, the marching bands show is about taking off into the sky. The first song in the show is about flight and starting the engine of a rocket and the second song being the take off and soaring through the clouds. There is a ballad in the show which one hears a soaring and peaceful piece as they glide through the air until finally being in outer space. They took the idea of Flight and twisted it to be a more different creative version. They did this by having all of story portrayed through the eyes of a little girls trying to float off into the sky like a balloon (portrayed by Erin Rausch). Taking off for the first time, the Flight crew competed out of state.

Erin Rausch taking the field for the football game

The week of the competition, the marching band prepared in rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday. To the bands advantage ,the   y were able to perform under the lights Friday night at football game before they faced the judges. Although they had practiced multiples times that week, another run is just another chance to improve on their skills. Friday evening Mr. Marshall had great faith they were in amazing shape for the show that was coming up the next morning.

Jillian Cabral performs at competition

For early morning rehearsal on Saturday everyone was there for call time. They were in a great mood and ready to see what the night has in store for them. “It was the best run of the evening.” says Marshall proudly. “As I always tell the marching band, it may have been the best of tonight, but it has to be the absolute worst of the future.” explains Mr. Marshall.  The bad competed against three different bands in their division and took home the gold. “We had a lot of setbacks throughout the day between a long rehearsal in the morning, and then a lot of logistics at that particular show. This made it harder than normal to get us prepared. But the kids did not let it get to their head and that’s what made it a great show.” Mr. Marshall told us. With a final score of 79.89/100, one of the highest starting scores for SBRHS, the marching band headed home with their head up high and proud of this accomplishment.

Congratulations to the Blue Raider Marching Band and their success this weekend. They are looking forward to next weekend as they take the field at King Philip Regional High School.

David Rausch plays his saxophone at the competition

(photo credits to: Meida Maker Huff, Andrea Ethier, Domenic DiSorbo)

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