“Three Wise Men and a Baby” Movie Review

Classic Hallmark!


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Kylee Schecter and Katie Strickler

“Three Wise Men and a Baby” is a 2022 Hallmark holiday movie starring Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell. This movie’s title is a play on words, as it combines the three wise men from Christian biblical stories and the 1987 movie “Three Men and a Baby.” The Hallmark and 1987 film share almost the exact same premise; a baby is abandoned and it is up to the three men to take care of it. While they are both hilarious, show the trials and tribulations of parenthood, and showcase fun bonding moments, “Three Wise Men and a Baby” does all that with Christmas spirit! “Three Wise Men and a Baby” follows three brothers, Stephan, Taylor, and Luke, as they take care of a child left at the firehouse over the holidays. These men find themselves growing attached with this baby as they try to tackle family Christmas parties, a holiday decorating competition, and their own romantic lives. Overall, this movie is a delight to watch!


“Three Wise Men and A Baby” has many good aspects, however, I do have some issues with it. First off, I loved how the movie displayed brothers how real siblings treat and interact with each other, it felt real. Another thing I loved was that the brothers were written with the self awareness to acknowledge their faults and poor behavior. A great example of this is when one of the brother’s talked about how he had a problem with walking away when things get hard; that really stuck out to me as the character displaying this overt sense of self awareness, as he was able to recognize something that many have trouble admitting about themselves. I also loved how the brothers didn’t win the holiday house decorating contest; I was really worried that they were going to win, therefore not learning anything from the movie, and I did not want their potential growth to be wasted. Finally, my criticism; I had a hard time keeping up with the storyline, I thought at points it was all over the place. The competition, a central part of the lesson the brothers learn, was rushed. While I understand that rushing was the point, it came off as sort of sloppy! Overall, the movie was really good and I would recommend it the teens and families!