7 Question Slam: Mr. DeMatos


Sarah Correia, Contributor

How do you like working at SBRHS so far? 

It’s been an amazing experience, the staff and the students are great. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t try to do everything perfectly, learn as you go. 

Throughout your teaching career, where was your favorite place to work? If it was not here, why did you leave? 

I really enjoyed working at Coyle and Cassidy. The reason I left there was that I was looking to find a job where I could teach more Portuguese and Spanish and use my degree to its full potential.

 What is your best memory of being a teacher?

Going to graduation day and seeing my students receive their diploma and how happy they were.

What are the best and worst parts of being a teacher? 

The best part about being a teacher is seeing students finally understand something you’ve taught them. The hardest part is correcting.

Do you have a dream job that you would prefer having over the one you have now? 

No, this is a really good job I love it here. Teaching is my dream job.

Who was your best teacher that you had? Why? 

The best teacher I had was Mrs. Santos and she was my Portuguese teacher. She was really fair and fun to be around and she taught us very very well.