Post Game Interview With Bianca Andronic

Interview with volleyball player, Bianca Andronic, and her opinion on the game.


Josie Schmidt, Contributor

Q: How do you think you did against your opponents today?

A: Overall, I think we did pretty well, but there are some things I think we could do better.

Q: The Raiders had a slow start today, what improved for the rest of the game?

A: The audience pushed us to do better. I think we just need to get into the gist of things.

Q: What was the tension like at the end of the second game?

A: The tension was very high, and I think the referee made a bad call, and we should have won!

Q: What runs through your mind in a tight game that runs long like the third game did?

A: There were many mistakes, so I tried to clear my head and just be there for my team.