Day Seventeen of Breezemas: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Lily Botelho

Have you procrastinated all of your Christmas shopping and just realized you have eight days until Christmas? No worries! There are plenty of last-minute gift ideas that are sure to suit anyone you still need to buy for. Whether it’s Grandma, your best friend, or that weird cousin you try to avoid at family functions, one of our five gift suggestions is bound to work for them.

Framed Picture

This is my personal favorite last-minute gift. It hits all the points in the golden trio of gift-giving: thoughtfulness, convenience, and affordability. You can get a 5×7 print printed at Walgreen’s for $2.99, and depending on how nice you want the frame to be, you could buy one there at Walgreens and still not break $20. Now, all that’s left to do is wrap it up, or even just throw it in a gift bag, and voila! You have a quick, easy, and thoughtful gift reminding the recipient of all the good times you’ve had together. I’ve found that the people that appreciate this the most are family members, such s your parents or grandparents, but it could still work nicely for a friend too.

Mug Gift Basket

You’ve definitely seen pre-made ones on the shelves at Target and you’ve probably even gifted or been given on yourself. The tried and true “mug gift basket” can never go wrong. Buy a mug (preferably festive) and fill it with whatever you want, slap a bow on it, and once again you’ve checked another gift off of your list. Some common things in these mug gift baskets tend to be chocolates, hot cocoa powder, chapstick or lipgloss, and sometimes a pair of festive Christmas socks. This gift can work for almost any scenario, whether it be an acquaintance you pulled for Secret Santa or your mom who is impossible to buy for. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like all the tools needed for a cozy winter night in.

Baked Goods

If you’re on a budget or need to get a lot of gifts for people, nothing works better than just making a big batch of cookies or brownies. Everyone loves baked goods, especially around the holidays, so why not spread Christmas cheer by attacking people’s sweet tooth? Find a fun, simple, recipe, double or triple it if needed (depending on how many people you’re baking for), and then pack away your finished goods and tie them off with a bow. This is definitely a more labor-intensive gift, depending on the recipe, but you could easily knock it all out in an afternoon and then not have to worry about gifts for a whole group of people.

The Classic Candle

When all else fails and you’re running out of options, you can always turn to the classic Christmas candle. What gift do you by for someone you know nothing about? A scented candle of course! It is the most inoffensive, benign, gift you could possibly get someone. It is the equivalent of giving someone a Christmas card that is just “Merry Chrismas” typed out on a piece of printer paper in Times New Roman, but sometimes that’s all you need in a gift. Any store is bound to have scented candles, especially around Christmas. Target, Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, probably even a Walgreens or CVS are all going to have the cheap yet nice looking basic candle you need. G for a holiday scent, like evergreen or cinnamon, or even spice things up by giving them a summery scent in the middle of December. Buy the candle, throw it in a gift bag, and you yet again have another gift crossed off your list.

Gift Card

If someone is so impossible to buy for, just don’t! Let them buy for themselves by getting them a gift card. You can get a gift card fast and easily at almost any store making it the perfect thing for when you are on your way to a Christmas party and still haven’t bought a gift. Pick out a card for anything really, Amazon, Target, their favorite restaurant or clothing store, any video game site, toss it in a festive greeting card and you now have the fastest, easiest, gift possible. Giftcards are bound to please because the responsibility of gift buying is now off of your shoulders, it’s up to them.