Day Two of Breezemas: Christmas Movie Tier List

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Stella Fernandes

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If your household is anything like mine, you’ve probably started rolling out Christmas movies well-before December. There’s something about the transition from fall to winter that makes everyone practically giddy for some holiday magic. Movies are some of the best ways to encapsulate those warm and fuzzy yuletide feelings. Even as an adult, movies have a way of allowing you to relive cherished childhood memories. Imbued in all the best holiday tales are elements of wonder, possibility, and most importantly, hope. This holiday season, us Breezers decided to compile of list of some of the best (and worst) Christmas movies in order to provide you with the best viewing experience possible. We invite you to reach out to us on social media (or leave a comment) and let us know what you think. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @sbrhs_breeze.