Is Class Rank Worth The Hype?

Joshua Vigeland

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Class rank is where you fall in when it comes to an academic standpoint compared to your peers in your grade. Class rank may be determined by many different factors but in most schools, the major decider of your class rank is your GPA. There is no right way to calculate class rank, but yet every senior year in fall, students find out who is ranked number one and who is ranked last out of everyone in their grade. In SBRHS our class ranks were not merely decided by GPAs but also by a number of other factors. Whatever the way it was calculated it still ended up giving 260 or so students their number. Many colleges look at your class rank when considering your chances of admission. Class rank isn’t the end all for you and your chances of getting into your dream college, many other factors play a role when it comes to admission such as your SATs or ACTs which as well doesn’t fully represent your as a person but just as a rough picture of what you look like under pressure this variable being time. Class rank won’t end your chances of making it to that dream college. Rank can be compensated by having good SAT scores. This thing known as class rank doesn’t define you as a person and the potential you may have in college. Electives, sports, and how you help your community, being a leader are things that colleges also look for and can have a major impact on whether you get accepted or not. It would be wrong to say that class rank doesn’t play a role in your chances of admission; they do but not as substantial a role as you would think. It is not the end all for being admitted into an institution of higher education. Even if you meet the requirements or succeed it that doesn’t guarantee your admission to that institution. Whatever your class rank the Fall of your senior year, don’t feel concerned because that class rank doesn’t define you as a person. It might affect how hard you will work to prove the ranking wrong your senior year as well in college where you get the chance to make a name for yourself. Just remember even getting the chance to choose between colleges as well as to go to college is a privilege because there are many other nations and people that don’t get the opportunity to pursue higher education.


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