Haters Gonna Hate


Over the last week or so there has been a media firestorm surrounding the SBRHS Raiders field hockey program, oh boy. If I could insert an eye roll emoji to that pun that has been done multiple times regarding this issue, I would.

If you don´t know the story, here it is. Media outlets such as the Boston Globe, The Herald News (newspaper based out of Fall River) and Turtleboy Sports (some random male from Worcester with a keyboard) all of a sudden began to bash the Raiders field hockey team, due to the fact the team has two boys on the roster. The two Sophomore boys (every article said Juniors) are Lucas Crook and Alex Millar; field hockey players since the 7th grade. Lucas Crook is the son of Raiders coach Jen Crook and brother of star Raiders Forward Cami Crook. Lucas has been under major scrutiny due to his stellar play across his first two seasons. As a freshman, Lucas tallied 24 goals and followed that up by a league leading 34 goals in his sophomore campaign. Due to the fact he is a male in a female dominant league, some ¨reporters¨ have tried to say that the Raiders success is centered around an ¨unfair” advantage due to the fact they have males on the team.

The major theme with this is simple: most of the reporters have never watched these boys play. Field hockey is a sport of skill. It is not a free for all for the ball like these media outlets say, you need to have stick skills along with knowledge of the sport to be good. Males have an advantage if they’re physically imposing and rough. The issue is, these boys are not physically imposing. Lucas Crook stands at just 5´6 and weighs roughly only 130 lbs. Alex Millar is much taller at 5´11, but weighs only around 130 lbs. which means he is definitely not an imposing figure. There is girls that are much bigger and more physically opposing then both boys. Just because you have testosterone, doesn’t mean you’re super strong and rough. There is this major connotation that since they’re boys they are too physical…it just isn’t true. Both boys have never been carded in their career for roughing and the boys playing was never an issue until Lucas had a breakout season.

The other false claim is that Lucas carries the team. Although his 34 goals definitely contribute mightily, one person clearly didn’t help the Raiders to a 21-1 record. Junior Forward Megan Salsinha recorded a whopping 31 goals and Senior Kara Desjarlais also recorded a great 22 goals. Freshman Cami Crook also put up a astounding 41 assists. Lucas had an amazing season, but the girls on the team deserve all the credit. That’s just goals; this isn’t even taking into account great defenders like Janey Silvia and Kayleigh McDonald. These girls need their credit, as they played one hell of a season.

The boys may be great players, but these reporters have it all wrong. They reported on their own whims and social beliefs, rather than the facts of the story. Every article tried to put the boys down due to their gender, and degrade their accomplishments. Hopefully, this teaches the reporters a lesson to go beyond the cover and read the entire story. Trying to make fun of high school sophomores and twisting the facts is quite despicable of reporters who you would think would have higher standards.

Title IX gave genders the rights to play sports that are not offered to opposing genders across high schools in the United States. We have to stop with gender stereotypes, and let the students of this country play the sports they love. The U.S men’s field hockey team is 0-32 in the Olympics, they could use all the help they can get….