Breezers Past 2: Ben Frechette

Lily Botelho

Every year on our 25th day of Breezemas, we like to celebrate a former SBRHS student who devoted their time in high school to the Breeze. This year we wanted to highlight Ben Frechette, a meteorological celebrity on the air in Burlington, Vermont.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Has it changed since high school? If so, why?

“Polar Express – hasn’t changed since I was little! My family used to watch it together every year”

How did you make the breeze your own during your time there?

“You quickly learn that the editorial process is incredibly collaborative, so communicating with my fellow Breezers and being a team player lifted the entire publication as a whole”

How has the breeze influenced you?

“The Breeze taught me some fundamentals of journalism, writing, and working on a deadline. I went into college with a head start in this area, and was able to hit the ground running”

What has gone on in your life since you graduated? 

“I fulfilled my dream of being a TV meteorologist! I am now the weekday morning weatherman on WPTZ/NBC5 in Burlington, Vermont. If you’re in the Green Mountain State visiting or skiing, you’ll see me on TV there!”

Do you have any favorite memories from your time at the Breeze?

“I remember sharing many laughs with Ms. Copeland over some long days. The work was hard at times, but it was incredibly rewarding!”

If it existed, do you think you would belong in a Breeze hall of fame? Why?

“Am I the only Breeze member to ever end up on television? I think that’s worth a consideration 😉“

The Breeze would like to thank Ben Frechette for taking the time to answer our interview questions! Thank you Raiders, for all of the support you’ve given us on our second annual Breezemas. Until next year, Merry Breezemas SBRHS!!