Every Holiday Barbie Ranked


Stella Fernandes

To this day, one of my favorite holiday traditions is opening up the annual Special Edition Holiday Barbie on Christmas morning. Now, some might say that at eighteen years-old I am too old for dolls. On the contrary, as I get older I’ve found that my appreciation for them has grown. They are not simply toys; they are an artform in their own right. The level of craftsmanship that goes into each doll is astronomical. Down to the minute accessories, each Barbie is pampered from head to toe. But if you are a true collector you know that the real star of the show is the dress. Since 2011, the year I was gifted my first Holiday Barbie, I have consistently fallen in love with the each and every dress. Yet, even still, some  dresses are better than others. As I’ve attempted to fill the holes in my collection, I’ve taken note of some of the best (and worst!) Holiday Barbies and compiled them into a list.

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