The Breeze’s Official Gift Guide

Christmas is known as the “most wonderful time of the year”, but even with that title the season brings some stress for all of us. One of the most common holiday stressors comes from gift giving. Trying to figure out what every person in your life would like while also trying not to break the bank can be a difficult task. If you’re still looking for some great holiday gift ideas that will keep you under budget and satisfy everyone on your list, look no further than The Breeze’s official 2022 holiday gift guide!


  • Is your mom a big coffee or tea drinker? Then this might be the gift for her. A mug warmer is a little heated coaster that keeps any hot beverage warm for hours of sipping. These run anywhere from $14-30 on Amazon depending on the brand you get, but even the $13 model by Mr. Coffee received high ratings. The only downside to this gift is that it is not commonly found in stores and very few results showed up in Walmart and Target’s websites


  • One common thread that runs through most dads is their love for sports. Whether its football, soccer, hockey, or baseball, most dads have a team that they go crazy for. Sports memorabilia makes for a great gift for any dad and can be adapted to any budget. Officially licensed merchandise can be a little pricey but you can still find items such as hats and certain t-shirts for under $30. Unofficial merchandise can also be a good option if you’re looking to get a nicer item for less money. Merchandise for almost all New England sports teams is easily found in stores in this area.


  • Siblings can be difficult to buy for as they can range in age, gender, and interests but there is one thing that unites all siblings; the love to annoy each other. What better way is there to annoy your sibling than through a gag gift? Custom socks with your face printed on them run you around $15 on Amazon and have wicked fast delivery. You can surprise your sibling with just what they wanted, a constant reminder of you for them to wear on their feet. If you don’t want to put your own face on the socks, there are plenty of options to put pictures of your pets on there instead. 


  • Friends can be hard to buy for, especially as high school students trying to stay on a budget. I find that something as simple as a gift card is a great way to show your friend you’re thinking about them this holiday season. If your friend buys coffee every morning, try getting them a giftcard to Starbucks or Dunkin. Maybe they drive you to school or complain about gas prices, in that case a gift card to a nearby gas station is a great option. Gift cards can also be any price that you want them to  be so they can fit into any budget.