Judging the ads that companies spent SEVEN MILLION dollars on:

My opinion on Super Bowl LVI ads

Kylee Schecter

Before we begin- here’s a general question: Is it ever wise to spend THAT MUCH money on a single 30-second slot? My answer: absolutely not. But do I love watching each of them? Yes, of course. Here’s my list of the 5 best ads featured in Super Bowl LVI.


5. Lindsay Lohan’s Planet Fitness Comeback

Lindsay Lohan, everyone’s favorite problematic icon, partnered with Planet Fitness to create an advertisement in which self improvement is the focus. With several digs at the paparazzi, other celebrity cameos, and hilarious mentions of her past, this ad is easily one of the best of the game.

4. Eugene Levy’s Nissan Action Movie

When you think of an action star, Eugene Levy is definitely not who comes to mind. Levy stars in this advertisement in which he transforms from a clumsy man into the brave and selfless hero you’d see someone like Jason Statham playing. Featuring cameos of Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira, and Brie Larson, this advertisement could probably convince anyone to buy a Nissan.

3. Ken Jeong and Joel McHale argue about nuts

Community” co-stars and “The Darkest Timeline” podcast co-hosts Ken Jeong and Joel McHale star in this advertisement for Planters. This ad portrays the conflict that can ensue over something as trivial as nuts, while making a commentary on the controversies of the last several years in America. (If you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about.)

2. Lizzo in Real Tone

This Google Pixel 6 advertisement highlights an important issue with the appearance of dark skin tones in pictures and showcases the ability to solve the issue with their technology. Featuring the astonishing vocals of the artist Lizzo, this ad is both powerful and entertaining. The meaning behind the advertisement, especially during Black History Month, makes it one of the best of the event. 


SURPRISE! I lied, it won’t just be the five best. Here’s the absolute worst advertisement featured in Super Bowl LVI that made my eyes bleed when I watched it.

As someone who doesn’t find Jost or Johansson particularly quirky or entertaining, this advertisement was a complete bore. An ad that focuses around the inner workings of their relationship and the ability of the creepy Amazon Alexa to read a user’s mind made it insufferable. Way to go, Amazon.


1. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan eat chips for 30 seconds


Don’t hate me for this. I blame this ranking on the ability of this duo to make the most absurd premise hilarious. Rudd and Rogan Star in this Lay’s advertisement that features a plane crash, wedding, kidnapping, and a bridal party straight out of a horror movie. 


Here is my official apology for this list: I don’t apologize. Maybe I’ll make a serious list once the Jaguars make the Super Bowl.