Day Twenty-One of Breezemas: Holiday Door Decorating Rankings/Predictions


Kylee Schecter

We here at the Breeze have pretty strong opinions on everything holiday, hence our Breezemas tier lists, and the holiday door decorating competition is no exception. The Breeze will be using the overall creativity, inclusion of different holiday traditions, aesthetic, and work put into each door to make our selections.


At number ten, we have room 210A. This door has a great blue winter theme that isn’t specifically favoring a singular holiday. The paper snowflakes clearly demonstrate time spent on creating the door. Overall, this door emulates the care and whimsy that every holiday door should. 

Room 210A


At number nine, we have room 121. This door incorporates Christmas elements, i.e. the lights and reindeer antlers, Raider representation, and stays true to the nature of Robotics Engineering, the class held in that room. We find the robot to be a well-done addition to this door!

Room 121

At number eight, we have room 135. The gingerbread house themed door is original and an interesting way to incorporate themes of any holiday! The blow-up bear is a “wow factor” of this door, as it increases the visual appeal of the door. Overall, we find the gingerbread door to be wonderful!

Room 135

At number seven, we have rooms 334 and 336. The two classrooms are an apparent joint effort within the contest, as they build off of each other to say “Feliz Navidad.” These rooms express the kind of inclusion that the Breeze considers extremely important during this holiday season, and therefore are immediately brought up in our opinion. The decorations on each door also reflect time and care taken to create them, as they appear to mostly be handmade. 

Rooms 334 and 336

At number six, we have room 309. This door is extremely festive and depicts the common tradition of hanging stockings on a fireplace during Christmas. The door reflects time spent on it, as it appears to be handmade and is still very visually appealing. 

Room 309

At number five, we have room 113. This door focuses on the 2003 movie “Elf.” The extra touch within this door design that brings it up to number five is the face mask on Buddy the elf! Being in the arts hallway, this door has a lot to compete with and yet still reflects tremendous care and is aesthetically pleasing. Overall, we at the Breeze love this door and “Elf!”

Room 113

At number four, we have rooms 237 and 236. These doors combine both store bought and handmade elements. The door of room 236 is similar to the fireplace theme displayed on room 309, but adds a little something extra with the wrapping paper window coverings.  

Rooms 237 and 236

At number three, we have room 231. This door, designed and created by SBRHS’ Girl Up club, represents a plethora of different holiday traditions. This door is so high on our list because of it’s inclusive factors. While most doors are focused on Christmas, the door of room 231 takes into account every conceivable notion of holidays included in the holiday door decorating competition. effort and care are shown in the different aspects of the door, like the snowflakes and stars. Overall,the door of room 231 is very impressive and fits into every category the Breeze is looking for in a holiday door.

Room 231

At number two, we have room 203. Room 203 includes not only a door design, but also the inside of the room. Holiday decorations, mostly presents, occupy most available space within the classroom. The sheer amount of work that has been done by staff and students within room 203 brings it into the top three choices for best door. However, this door is separated from others on our list because of its heavy emphasis on Christmas decorations. Overall, we love this door and the room decorations and cannot wait to see how far room 203 makes it in the offical vote!

Room 203 (door)
Room 203 (interior decorations)
Room 203 (interior decorations)
Room 203 (interior decorations)
Room 203 (interior decorations)

While we wish this list could be a firm and complete top ten choices, we here at the Breeze just couldn’t help ourselves from expressing what other doors were close to making the cut. For our honorable mentions we have room 122, 109, and 323. Each room has a very unique design with a relevant holiday reference or a relevant reference to that classroom’s subject area, such as room 323’s DNA holiday tree. We wish each of these rooms, and any others they did not make it on our list, good luck as the holiday door decorations are judged!

Room 122
Room 109
Room 323

Finally, at number one we have rooms 141 and 139. We here at the Breeze love the movie “The Polar Express” and find the references to it in these door designs to be absolutely delightful! Throughout the week, Mrs.Driscoll, Mrs.Mollicone, and Mrs.Vanada could be seen working tirelessly on these door and hallway designs. This dedication checks the Breeze’s box on creativity. Within these door decorations, many small details can be found that enhance them. For example, the QR codes found in the “Hot Chocolate” section of the hallway decorations leads to the “Hot Chocolate” song from the film and the window of room 139 has props that can make anyone behind the door resemble the conductor of the Polar Express. Overall, we love this idea and the execution of it! 

Room 141
Room 139

When voting in this year’s holiday door decorating competition, keep in mind that your own opinion matters more than how the Breeze ranked each door and the school based criteria is the best way to cast your vote. The Breeze only created this list to express our own predictions and personal opinion on which door we believe should win. Happy holidays everyone and good luck to those participating in the Holiday Door Decorating contest!