Day Fifteen of Breezemas: The Ghost of Breezemas Past


photos courtesy of Lily, Stella, and Kylee

It’s no secret that we love to write at the Breeze. In fact, for many of our members it’s been a passion since elementary school. We’ve come a long way since then and would love to share with our readers some of our favorite (and mayhaps slightly amusing) stories, articles, and poems from childhood. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The mermaid’s smile turned into a curious frown. “Everybody from around here knows my name. I’m practically famous, because of my tail” she informed me. Well la de da! I thought in my head, inwardly rolling my eyes. “I’m not from around here,” I said drily. It was almost like explaining things to a baby. “But you have a tail, like me!” she exclaimed. My eyes darted down to where my legs should have been. Instead, I saw a deep red tail embedded with glints of gold. “How come I didn’t notice that?” I muttered, swimming around wildly to see it better. “Anyway, I’m definitely not from around here,” I said, turning to the mermaid. “Awesome! You must be a mermaid from the East Sea. I’ve never met a mermaid form the East Sea!” she exclaimed. Doesn’t she understand that I am not from any sea! I shouted inside my head. I sighed. “Your tail is very pretty, I noticed it at once!” she exclaimed cheerfully. “Did you pull me down here?” I questioned with a hint of impatience lacing my voice. “Your tail looked so awesome, I just had to see it!” she protested, but something in her eyes betrayed her voice. Her eyes darted to the seaweed bracelet around my wrist. What does she want with it?  I wondered. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot!” she said, once again cheerful. “My name is Coral, and I need your help.”

I stared at her, my eyes wide. “Why me?” I managed to ask through the curious questions raging through my head. “That’s nothing too important, I can tell you later,” she explained, changing the subject. “My father was a collector and he found many treasures. They were so precious to him, he almost loved them as much as I love the ocean. Which is very much, by the way,” she added. “Anyway, the treasure was stolen by a well-known and feared gang of robbers called the Squirty Stealers or something like that.” Although Coral laughed at this joke, I could see the glint of sadness in her eye. It stood out like a spot of blue among a field of yellow in the midst of all her happiness. “I want to return the treasure back to the rightful heir, me.” Her tail swished in pride, and I noticed that she seemed like she was reciting something. I felt like she had said this before to other people- or mermaids- but they hadn’t wanted to help her.” 

— Rachel Uon, Grade 4


It is the taste of grapes,

Sweet and tart

Sometimes spicy and sour,

When I feel unpleasant.

The sound

Of a million people screaming,

From dawn ’til dusk.

Or harps that play before I sleep.

Twilight when the night falls in,

Before it turns dark.

A hundred violets blooming

At once.

Indigo feels soft like silk,

I could sleep on it.

To me indigo is like my emotions,

Sometimes happy,

Sometimes sad.

Indigo is like me!

— Stella Fernandes, Grade 4

How to Make “Perfect” Hot Chocolate

What you’ll need:

  • cinnamon sticks
  • hazelnut swirl sticks
  • whipped cream
  • marshmallows
  • a festive mug

Most people like perfection, but this one is in the form of a hot drink. Hot chocolate is a beloved drink to many people. But what could make this better? Making the perfect hot chocolate is a winter must.

To make the hot chocolate, it needs to have a little cinnamon right? Well I recommend cinnamon sticks or hazelnut swirl sticks to add to any delectable drink.

Also, whipped cream has more to make your drink the best. Marshmallows give you a tasty advantage to making the best hot chocolate ever. Also, having a festive mug is another must.

To top it all off, wear a new sweater you got at Christmas while sipping your perfect hot drink.

This takes winter from a cold and boring season to a season of hot satisfaction.

— Kylee Schecter, Grade 5

An Excerpt from “The Horrifying Haunted Castle”

The girls looked around and saw a king sized bed and a podium with a cushion and on the cushion was a crown with jewels encrested on every part imaginable. “Wow,” whispered the girls. But they knew this castle and exited the room before anything bad could happen. They went into the room across the hall and inside was a queen sized canopy bed with pink curtains and sheets, there was also vanity. When the girls opened the closet they saw over 100 dresses of different sizes, colors and styles. Milly went over to touch one when suddenly all the dresses chased after them. They girls were petrified!! All these things in one Castle!! They ran into the study all of a sudden the door slammed on its own. The table moved. Eyes and a mouth poped out. “AHH!!” They screamed and the tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. “Hey, Hey, Hey, don’t be afraid I won’t bite” said the table. “I’m Bufford, Bufford the talking table. Sorry if I frightened you. I’m here to help any explorers explore the home of the Great King Leo.” The girls breathed and they felt calmer but still a little spooked and confused about a talking table. “King Leo was killed 300 years ago today. He was a good king. But his killer sent evil spirits to haunt his castle and possess items” Buford said. “Right before he died he told me to help anyone who entered this castle” Buford went on. “I am very sorry I could not help you earlier. I did not notice you” he said. “Excuse me” said Milly “But how did you become a talking table?” “That I do not know” Responded Buford. “Any questions?” asked Buford. “Yes, just one” piped in Miley “how do we get out of here?” “Are you leaving already?” asked Buford with a frown. “Well, go down the grand staircase and the way you came” he said sadly. “Thanks” the girls said in unison. As they stepped out all the ghouls, ghosts, and possessed items were waiting there ready to pounce. And they charged.

— Lily Botelho, Grade 4