Day Thirteen of Breezemas: Christmas Carol Coverage

Day Thirteen of Breezemas: Christmas Carol Coverage

Kylee Schecter

SBRHS’s drama club performed “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens on December 10-11 at 7pm and December 13 at 2pm in the Performing Arts Center. The production was full of fun, whimsy, and some great acting. 

This production started Shawn Simmons as Scrooge, Collin Killoran as Bob Crachit, Morgan Coutu as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Claire Daigle as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Alexander Olivera as the Ghost of Christmas Future and the Narrator. Other cast members are as follows: Brady Melo as Fred Scrooge. Ringo Lavasseur as Gentleman 1 and Businessman 1. Janelle Mello as Gentleman 2 and Businessman 2. Erin Rausch as Caroline and Topper. Nick Reis as Caroline’s Husband and Mr.Fezziwig. El Larabee as Jacob Marley and Charwoman. Rachel Uon as Boy Scrooge and Undertaker’s Woman. Morgan Machado as Fan. Drew Souza as Young Scrooge. Kylee Schecter as Mrs.Fezziwig. Kiri Setzer as Belle. Bee Wright as a Fezziwig Daughter and Old Joe. Addison Rogers as a Fezziwig Daughter and Businessman 3. Samantha Congdon as a Fezziwig Daughter and Laundress. Emma Paskavitch as Mrs.Crachit. Maggie Frias as Peter Crachit. Elizabeth Costa as Tiny Tim. Emily Shea as Julia. Hailey Shea as Martha Crachit. Grace Johnson as Miranda Crachit. Lily Raposo as Gillian Crachit. Caitlyn Snow as Belinda Crachit. Sophia Caruso as Orson. Kaitlyn Strickler as Lucy. Killian Speer as Boy. 










































































This production was directed and produced by Jeremy Young. Other members of the highly valued production staff and stage crew are as follows: Robert Lomax as the Stage Manager. Lilly Medeiros and Jonathan Oehmen as Assistant Stage Managers. Alexander Alvarez as the House Manager. Sydney Bernard and Evan DeRocha as Sound Techs. Alec Ferreira, Billie Martel, and Darren O’Brien on Lights and Spots. Teresa Borges, Vincent Câmara, Ava Caruso, Emily Daigle, and Paige Uon on Run Crew. Debra Roderick as Costume Designer. Madelyn Pereira as Assistant Costumer. Hannah Arruda, Isabelle Chasse, and Issabella DeCelle on Costume Crew. Jeremy young on light and sound design. Alexander Alvarez, Kimberly Ferreira, and Stephanie Field at the Box Office. 

The cast and crew would like to think the SBRHS administrative team for their support in starting the production, the SBRHS custodial and maintenance staff for their help, the families that donated to their concession stand, the Somerset Friends of Music, Shawn Elliot and Bristol Community College for lending their props and set pieces, and Debra Roderick, Madelyn Pereira, Kimberly Ferreira, Stephanie Field, Shawn Elliot, and Ainsley Young.

While it is Jeremy Young’s first show at SBRHS, we at the Breeze see “A Christmas Carol” as a great start to a wonderful career here with many more amazing productions!

The SBRHS drama club pulled off “A Christmas Carol” flawlessly! With amazing costumes, some with vintage pieces from the historical period, wonderful lighting that enhanced the plot, and amazing performances from the cast, SBRHS drama club made this production truly stand out. We at the Breeze cannot wait to see what they do next!