What Makes Up A Video Game?


Preston Khoury, Contributor

Video games have been part of many people’s hearts since they were kids. As they grow older, they never stop and enjoy the great classics. In the last 30 years, video games have changed greatly and for the better. We’ve played our favorite games, but series have changed and improved. However, we still remember how it used to be. Though video games had been around a little while before, the late 70’s and early 80’s is what got kids playing on their Atari’s nonstop. And now, 30 years later, we are playing on Xbox One’s & PS4’s, as well as other great consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. For many people who have always loved video games and wish to go onto start their own gaming business to make their own video games, this is what you need and what it takes to make the perfect game.

A big component in video games is graphics and design. When you see video games nowadays, the design is pure and looks very real. But back in the 70’s and 80’s, as a lot of us know, video games were pixelated and in 2D. They had a very simple and easy design and were pretty good for that time period. We wouldn’t see a non-pixelated game in 3D until the the early 90’s. Graphics have changed greatly and if you look at certain video game series timelines, they have changed a lot. It’s very important to make your game look fresh and pure. We are in the future and gaming consoles aren’t like how they used to be. Now, consoles can generate a lot more than they could a decade ago.                            

Another main component is gameplay. Gameplay is how the game operates and works. It’s important to make your game have a good gameplay, making it smooth and easy to control. Gameplay is another main component because it’s how the game operates; if you don’t design it right it could be hated by many gamers or impossible to play. Gameplay is different for many games: a lot of the controls on one game won’t be the same as the other. Gameplay also takes on the physics of the game which gives the game a more realistic feel. For example in RDR (2010), when you’re riding a horse and you slide off a cliff, you’re going to be hurt or die, but of course you respawn. It’s a main source and key in making a game.

A very important aspect is completability. It’s very important that your game is completable. This ties in with gameplay. Your game needs to be playable and completable otherwise people will hate it and not want it.

There have been many games that have been incompletable such as ET (1982), which was incompletable and it became one of the worst video games in history. Making your game completable is sometimes hard depending on what gaming engine you are using that could be affecting it. But, gamer’s may make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are so little that you don’t even notice them. However, you still have try and make it completable to the best of your ability.

Three big components of video games are story, setting, characters. All video games need a protagonist and supporting characters, as well as a good setting and plot line. These ideas are what sets up the game to give it a feel of wonder and excitement. One of the best kinds of video games are open world games. There are also first person games that are also very popular in the gaming realm. Character development is very important because it describes a character and it’s change or non-change. The setting gives the player a place to play in and explore, such as the map or what they are limited to.

A great plot line in video games is what really brings the game to life, like having the main protagonist vs. antagonist scenario. A plot line needs to have suspense, otherwise it won’t be interesting. After having the plot line build up, the game should always have a big finish to wrap things up. This is very important, since this is the end of the game. You’ve got to make it big, so you end it with a big bang.

There are many ways to create video games by using your imagination and creativity. I love video games; I’ve been playing video games since I was 6 or 7 years old. I’ve always loved playing and watching video games because it was fun. Everybody loves to play video games because it’s fun, but for me it’s a bit different. I play video games because I enjoy them. Playing them has helped me when I was sad or angry. Video games are great because they give people motivation and strength to believe in themselves. They give people pride and joy and help many people through the hardest times. Many people, such as myself, have been inspired by these gamer companies and designers to one day start their own gaming career, to show and express to more people the fun and joy of video games.