Seven Question Slam (Breezer Edition): Mr. E

image courtesy of Open Doors - New Zealand

image courtesy of Open Doors – New Zealand

Lily Botelho

Q. What is your main influence for your stories?
For the most part, R.L Stine’s, Goosebumps
Q. When you publish your stories you use the name “Mr.E”, where did you get it?
It was a nickname I got from my Dad from the Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated character, but now I use it because who I am is a mystery.
Q. Are there any planes for a multiverse of The Scare Zone?
No, there are no plans at all for a multiverse because I never liked those. It feels like an excuse just to make one story, and I want to tell my stories as if they are pieces to a puzzle. However I am okay with fans making their own multiverse, just note that it would not be canon.
Q. Do you have any planes for any horror story that would not follow under The Scare Zone name?
I do, it would be an actual book, it is still in the planning phase though, however it would be more gruesome and scary because I would not half to worry about school apparel.
Q. Before you came to the SBRHS you were writing stories at SMS known as The Scare Zone Newspaper, are they the same canon.
Yes and no. No, because The Scare Zone Newspaper world never happened in this world. But yes because there will be some characters that I took from the Scare Zone Newspaper only, they have new origins or major key points never happened in The Scare Zone.
Q. Will you ever reveal who you are?
I will, the idea is that for the last 5 stories when I am a centaur, a number will be at the bottom, you will have to go to the alphabet and go to that letter that matches with the number , for example 1 would be A.
Q. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Long nails, real or fake on paper, I don’t know why It just gives me goosebumps.