Seven Question Slam: Ms. Champagne

Cassandra Pay

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Question 1: What are the different languages you know? What other countries have you taught in?

A: I have taught in Costa Rica and Switzerland. I can speak Spanish, but I never actually took Spanish in school. I also speak minimal/bad German.

Question 2: What was your favorite place to teach? Why?

A: Switzerland because I could ski from a mountain ski resort to Italy on my lunch break to have lunch there. One side of the mountain was Switzerland, and the other side was Italy.

Question 3: How are students from other countries different? In comparison to them, are American students more privileged, spoiled, bratty, or lazy?

A: Most of the students I taught were actually American. American students are definitely way more sheltered than students from other countries, but American kids work harder in school.

Question 4: Why did you return to the USA?

A: My family is here.

Question 5: If you could spend a day in the life of any historical figure, who, and why?

A: They’re all dead and I don’t want to be a dead person.

Question 6: What were you like in high school?

A: I ran cross country and played saxophone in the marching band. I also did my homework in homeroom. Isn’t that why they give you an extra five minutes in the morning?

Question 7: What super power would you want and why?

A: I would definitely want to fly. That way I could travel easier and it would be cheaper.

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