Berkley Middle School’s Kindness Club’s Message of Kindness


Ryan Rose

A bulletin board of kindness created by BMS’ Kindness Club.

Ryan Rose, Co-Editor

These past few weeks, I have been given the privilege of getting to volunteer with Berkley Middle School’s Kindness Club. The club focuses on sharing positive messages of kindness within the school and has worked on community service activities and creating meaningful works of art to share with their friends, families, and community. Attached to this article, you will find pictures of kindness-themed artwork, memes, and even some writing all done by the students.


Kindness Club


Nice at


Nice things for

Everyone at BM-

S and other-

in the community

“I am in the Berkley Middle School Kindness Club and this season we are cleaning our outdoor classroom. By doing this, we are helping our community. Our outdoor classroom was covered in weeds and it was very sad to see this happening, so we decided to do something about it. We went outside for our club meetings and started weeding. In the end, we improved the campus of Berkley Middle School and had a lot of fun in the process. If you are considering doing Kindness Club, I highly recommend it.” – Carolyn

Care for others

Acting Kind





Keep on doing it

It is a good thing to do

Not hard to do

Don’t do the opposite

Nice thing to do

Everyone likes when you do it

Something everyone can agree on

Super cool thing to do

Kindness is easy

It’s good for you and the other people

Needed for a good life

Do it to make yourself feel better

Next time when you or someone is not feeling good be kind and help them

Exceptions to kindness is nothing

Sometimes you can be kind to help yourself

Some of these things might help