This Week in History (3/27)


An edited photo of Joan Ceciel Quigley, the astrologist who advised Nancy Reagan and the White House in the 1980s. (Image courtesy of SIPA PRESS/REX)

Ryan Rose, Co-Editor

March 27th, 1964

Southern Alaska experienced a 9.2-magnitude earthquake, the strongest earthquake to ever strike within the United States.

March 28th, 1930

Constantinople, the prominent and historic city, was renamed Istanbul after Turkish nationalists required all cities within its rule to use their Turkish names. 

March 29th, 1973

American troops made a departure from Saigon after the United States government officially pulled out of the Vietnam War. The war was one of the most protested and prolonged wars up until that point in American history. 

March 30th, 1981

A failed assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan took place in Washington, D.C. Out of fear, First Lady Nancy Reagan, hired an astrologer directly after the event and received her guidance on the safety of numerous actions that Reagan would take throughout his presidency. 

March 31st, 1889

The over two-year long process of building the Eiffel Tower wrapped up in Paris, France. 

April 1st, 1954

The United States Congress voted to create the United States Air Force Academy which would later be built in El Paso County, Colorado. 

April 2nd, 1513

The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León landed in modern-day Florida. The explorer also served as the first governor of Puerto Rico.