This Week in History (2/20)


An early photo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Ryan Rose, Co-Editor

February 20th, 1872

The Metropolitan Museum of Art officially opened in the east side of Central Park of New York City. It is one of the most famous and internationally recognized museums in the world.

February 21st, 1965

Malcom X, a black nationalist activist during the Civil Rights Movement, was assassinated in Washington Heights. He was one of the most recognized Civil Rights activists, second only to Martin Luther King. 

February 22nd, 1732

George Washington, the first president of the United States, was born in Westmoreland, Virginia to a family of humble origins.

February 23rd, 1822

Boston was officially chartered as a city. This was the first City Charter to be issued within Massachusetts.

February 24th, 1868

President Andrew Johnson was impeached after implementing a series of lenient Reconstruction actions that Radical Republicans within the House of Representatives felt didn’t go far enough.

February 25th, 1870

Hiram Rhodes Revels became the first African American member of Congress when he was sworn into the United States Senate.

February 26th, 1802

Victor Hugo was born in Besancon, France. He went on to become one of the most prominent French Romantic writers and even became a senator within France. His most famous and widely recognized work was Les Misérables, which he published in 1862.