College with Kylee: No. 4

“I should’ve explained this earlier”

Kylee Schecter

In my last installment, I suggested theming your college applications. So, here’s an explanation of what theming is and how to apply it to your submissions!

(Yes I’m starting this off like a horrible wedding speech) The Oxford Dictionary defines theming as “to give a particular setting or ambience to.” (I really don’t get why they start wedding speeches off like that, because that was literally the least informative definition possible.) Essentially, theming your application means combining your essay, extracurriculars, and courses to tell colleges something about you. In other terms, it’s marketing yourself as the prime version for that school in particular or your chosen college major. 

An example of theming: you’re seeking to become a computer science major. To theme your application, you take computer science courses within your time at SBRHS, become a part of extracurricular activities like the coding club, and write an essay that both shows your passion for learning and innovation, while also showcasing something that relates to computer science. And then boom, awesome application. 

Theming your application can be really helpful in communicating who you are, what you enjoy, and what motivates you to admissions staff. While GPA and test scores can be a factor, you as a person and your personal love of learning can have a lot of weight in their decisions. Theming allows you to show your schools the kind of student they want and the complexities of what it takes to be that student. If you’re considering theming your application, try it out!