College with Kylee: No. 3

“I’m so boring”

Kylee Schecter

Writing the Common App. personal essay is a tedious process. I spent a month on mine, combing through every last memory of my seventeen years on this planet. At a point, it became useless to look at my obstacles and try to make something out of them. Yes, we all have our obstacles in life and it is amazing how we overcome them. But, essay readers have seen that same exact essay a thousand times. You know, the whole “…and then I won us the big game” or “…and I did it, even after XYZ.” If you can write well about either of those essay topics, please do, don’t let me discourage you. However, trying to go a less traditional route can’t hurt. 

My tips are to use Microsoft Word to check your spelling and grammar, think outside of just yourself, connect the personal with a wider scope, engage the reader, and show off your voice. 

“But Kylee, how did you do this in your essay?” Thank you for asking (no one), I did so by starting off my essay with a joke and peppering my light sarcasm throughout the piece. The  premise of my essay was about my passions and hobbies. This works well with the theme of my application, because I have chosen a more holistic approach to applications, rather than just the numbers. I like to showcase my true self to these schools, rather than a doctored uber-exaggerated version. 

However, take this advice with a grain of salt. Write your essay how you want to, regardless if you’re theming your application. (And if you are theming it, try to write it on a topic that supports the image you are broadcasting to admissions.)