College with Kylee: No. 1

“Why do I have to do this?”

Kylee Schecter

Hi Breezers! I hope you’re either currently having or that you had a good summer break (we all definitely needed it). If you’re in the class of ‘23, like me, you’ve probably been anxious about application season starting up. (Which is definitely expected, by the way.) The thought of having to make a life altering decision within the next year is daunting. I mean, we missed half of our high school experience. And if you aren’t completely stressed out by the idea of application season, I absolutely love that for you. However, if you are, come on this journey with me! We can work through this together. 

I just want to say; if you’re choosing a different path than college, I think that’s great! Do what makes you happy and try to live your best life! Be proud of your work ethic and get ready for your future, whatever it may consist of!