Our Clubs are Dying!

Extracurricular activities to join in the 2022-2023 school year

Kylee Schecter

Clubs and organizations give you the opportunity to have enrichment opportunities, strengthen your college applications, develop your interests, and meet groups of like-minded people. Not only are extracurriculars great for you individually, but increased extracurricular participation can help develop a rich school culture and enhance the opportunities of every SBRHS student. 

Some extracurriculars to consider:

    1. Distributive Education Clubs of America(DECA)
      1. This organization  is open to any interested students from grades 9-12 and offers experience in the field of business through competitive events. DECA helps build public speaking skills, critical thinking skills, time management skills, and gives participants networking opportunities. SBRHS DECA participants often place top 5 in their events and are then given the opportunity to go on from the district competition to competing in Boston for the state competition, or eventually a further destination for regionals. Be on the lookout for any emails from Mr. Melo concerning involvement within the coming year if you’re interested!
    2. Model United Nations
      1. This club is open to interested students from grades 9-12 that are wishing to build their public speaking and conflict resolution skills, or any interested in politics or International Relations! Model UN allows students to go to conferences throughout the state while representing a certain character, person, country, or group on a committee dedicated to a certain issue or event. During the 2021-2022 school year, Model UN held a practice committee in which delegates (participants) were survivors in a zombie apocalypse and had to solve several group conflicts; including infections, hunger, and disease. Be on the lookout for any emails from Mr. Correia concerning involvement within the coming year if you’re interested!
    3. Debate Team
      1. This team meets on Wednesdays right after school and is open to any interested students from grades 9-12. The SBRHS debate team routinely has participants placing high among the debate league that are then recognized with awards. The Debate team is given an issue for the season (called a resolve) in which they argue. One side, called affirmatives, create a plan to argue that will resolve their given issue while the other side, negatives, tears down their argument using evidence. The debate team competes throughout the state and helps build research and speaking skills. Check your inbox for any information involving debate that may be shared within the coming months!
    4. The Anti-Bullying Coalition (ABC)
      1. The Anti-Bullying Coalition is an inclusive group headed by Mrs.Nassiff, in which participants make efforts to encourage kindness not only SBRHS, but also the middle and elementary schools. Members create skits and presentations to give the younger students that will teach what bullying is and how to combat it within schools. The ABC is an amazing way to promote change, improve the school environment, and work on presentation skills. Additionally, time spent participating in ABC activities can be counted towards the mandatory community service graduation requirement. 
    5. Amnesty International 
      1. Amnesty International will be just starting out this year and will need student support and involvement to get its legs. Amnesty International is an organization in which members promote human rights globally and create fundraisers and raise awareness to make change. Amnesty International will be holding a vote early on within the 2022-2023 school year to decide which issue they should focus on. Be on the lookout for emails from Mr. Corriea for Amnesty International news if you’re interested!
    6. World Language Club
      1. Are you interested in Spanish and Portuguese speaking culture or want to tutor younger students in a foreign language? The World Language Club may be for you! The World Language Club provides students with opportunities to learn more about and teach others about foreign cultures and languages. Be on the lookout for any emails from Señora Camara-Arujo concerning World Language Club if interested!
    7. The Breeze
      1. Last but definitely not least; The Breeze is a student run newspaper with advisors Mrs.Copeland and Mr.Chase. We here at The Breeze are given a chance to express our interests and thoughts freely through our digital publications. With both a news-media section and literature magazine, The Breeze gives students interested in practically any subject a space to express their thoughts and most importantly, write! Meetings are held on Mondays in room 235 (as stated on our about page). We hope to see you there!