Ten Things to Get for That Special Someone for Valentines Day

Katie Strickler

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many have been looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones. It can be hard coming up with new ideas every year and with the winter holidays having just passed, it can be even worse. With that being said there are many new ideas or old ones that are still good to use! Here is a list of Ten solid ideas for this lovely holiday

10. Barnes and Noble gift card 

When getting a gift you can’t go wrong with getting an enthusiastic reader a gift card to get new books. New books can always make a reader smile; with the new gift card these readers can expand their minds with new stories and worlds to travel to.

9. Chocolate 

This is a classic gift to give! You can never really go wrong with chocolate, unless your person is allergic or just straight up doesn’t want it. Chocolate is a nice touch to anything you get for your person and can make it look like you got them more stuff then in actuality. I would recommend try to make it your own like making a at home box of chocolates or finding a specially made box of chocolates to make it more heartfelt.

8. Jewelry

Jewelry is such a great gift because of its versatility!  This gift doesn’t have to be just a necklace, you could get then a new pair of earrings,  a bracelet, a belt, an anklet; really the possibilities are almost endless with what you could do.  Getting the right color is important too, when getting jewelry to main colors you will see is silver and gold; you should make sure that you either ask your person or check to see which one they wear more. Getting the jewelry customized is a good idea, as nice as it might seem to get them jewelry with the letter of their first name on the jewelry it might be a nice touch to put your own letter on instead to remind them of you. You could always get something meaningful like a symbol (example: to rings together).

7. Legos 

Building things are a fun way to express yourself and legos are fast and low cost way of doing it. Legos are very popular with younger  kids but who wouldn’t love receiving a lego set to build during February?! This is a gift that both you and your partner can both enjoy and work on together. I recommend getting a lego set that would be special to your person such as an animal they like, or a heart, etc. You could also get your person lego flowers which are very popular in the moment because they are very cute and lovable.

6Stuffed Animals

Kids shows, television shows, and more! There are so many different stuffed animals you could get for someone for Valentines day. Some of the best ideas are getting someone you care about a stuffed animal from one of their favorite shows or a character from their favorite kids show growing up  (example: Bluey stuff animal from Bluey). This could brighten up anyone’s day and make a person feel as though you are listening and remember what they like.

5. New clothes

Shirts, hats, gloves, pants, and the infamous socks. You can’t go wrong with a cute pair of socks! New clothes is always an idea that can happen and make someone’s day. Some places that are my favorite to shop for clothes are Walmart, Target, and the mall! You can get some cheap clothes for good quality at these places. You could get your person a new outfit for the date that your totally going to take them on!

4. Flowers

When giving flowers I recommend ensuring you know your person’s favorite color and or type of flower. This could make or break your gift giving depending on the person! You don’t have to get a huge bundle of flowers but one or two can be cute and be a nice touch to a room or house.

3. Build a bear/ squishmellows

Build a bears and squishmellows have been pretty popular and are a nice collectors treat. You could make a date out of making build a bears of you and your person and dress the bears up to look like each other. You could also make a date out of looking for certain squishmellows in different stores. There are many different ideas and dates that could be made out of Build a Bears and Squishmellows.

2. Stuffed animal bouquets

Stuffed animal bouquets are a new craze that I have found that are very adorable and new. Stuffed animal bouquets are bouquets that are filled with tiny stuffed animals instead of flowers. This is a sweet little gift that is new and heart felt; some ideas are puppies, Hello Kitty, and Rilakkuma.

1, Hand Written Cards 

Finally, Hand Written Cards. Hand Written Cards are never a bad idea, if you have any old notes or letters that you wrote about them could be a very sweet gift to give your person. You could write about how they make you feel or dates you have gone on or how much you miss them. Hand Written Cards are a sweet little gift that could go on their wall or in a notebook; you could write a love story or how the two of you met. Written Cards are a gift for the ages and a nice treat for your person on Valentines Day.