Frat Boy Fiasco

Kylee Schecter, Co-editor and Co-Social Media Manager

On Friday 11/19 students dressed up in attire for “Frat Boy Friday,” though the approved spirit day was Pajama Day. The “Frat Boy Friday” theme for spirit day was previously voted on by the Student Council but was not approved by administration. Administration had made it clear to all students that Pajama Day was the only school approved theme for that Friday, as exemplified by the “Spirit Days” email sent out by Mrs.Gosson. The controversy around this day was amplified by these “frat boys” bringing red solo cups into school. While the cups themselves are harmless, they have connotations of alcohol and substance abuse. With the depiction of alcohol use in their costumes, “frat boys” were asked to change and were referred to the office. This punishment is clearly outlined on page 42 of the handbook by the clause “Clothing which advertises or alludes to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is forbidden in school since one of the school’s missions is to promote good physical and emotional health.” 

The motivation behind student’s participation in “Frat Boy Friday” remains a relative mystery. While some may have participated in the unendorsed spirit day to be disrespectful, many students felt that they wanted their voices to be heard in regards to the theme. Several students were overheard discussing how we have already had several pajama days and therefore the spirit day should be changed. However, it is unclear if they were unaware that these days needed to be approved by the administration. Many students found the “Frat Boy Friday” idea appealing because of how repetitive these spirit week themes can be across the years, which may be one of the reasons why this occurred. A student led Instagram account that states that they are “not affiliated with SBRHS” in their biography posted a poll for students to decide what theme of spirit day they would rather have instead of pajama day, which included options like character day, old person day, blackout, and keeping pajama day. While this information may have been significant in the creation of “Frat Boy Friday,” the account did not post anything further nor did they speak about the possibility of “Frat Boy Friday.” 

There is a lesson to be learned from this controversy. Students need to become more active in class elections, as the Student Council picks the themes. By picking a representative who encapsulates your values and ideas, they can have more influence as to what happens with spirit week. In addition to electing good representatives for student government, pitching your ideas regarding Student Council affairs to your representatives will be instrumental in making changes. If this different path was taken regarding spirit week, perhaps this Frat Boy Fiasco may not have occurred.