Seven Question Slam with Señora Arsenault

Ryan Rose

At what age did you come to the United States from Bolivia? If you could do everything over again, would you prefer to have come to America earlier on in your life, at the same time as you originally did, or later on?

When I first came to the US I was 15 years old, not a good age to move to another country. However, I believed in destiny and even though I did not like leaving my country at the age of 15, it was my destiny. I wouldn’t be where I am today and I loved the family I built here. Remember everything happens for a reason, there is always a plan for you.


Are there any main things that you miss from Bolivia? Are there any ways that you wish the United States could be more like Bolivia?

I miss the food so much, my family, and all the cultural celebrations. As a first generation immigrant, the hardest part is dealing with the emotions of missing my homeland and family. My heart will always be split in half.

Is there anything you wish more Americans understood about what it is like to immigrate to America?

One thing that I wish everyone understood about being an immigrant is that no matter how long you have been living in the US, there will always be a hole in your heart. Also to be understanding that not everyone is able to process the English language as easily as someone else. Be patient when someone is trying really hard speaking in English to you. Remember his/her brain is working double.

What originally drew you into teaching? Did you always want to be a Spanish teacher?

I originally wanted to be a History teacher. However, coming to the US shifted my passion a little bit. I’ve always been passionate about education and what better way to embrace my culture than becoming a Spanish teacher.

Why did you choose to teach at Somerset Berkley specifically? Has it been different or similar to what you were originally expecting?

Teaching at the high school level was always my goal. As a native speaker it is more desirable to teach young adults. As an educator I want to inspire as many students as I can to pursue learning Spanish and I am also able to use the language a lot more. ¡Es muy divertido!

Aside from teaching, are there any main hobbies or passions important to your life?

My passion is my family, I have two boys and they keep me busy for sure. Although everyday life is hectic, I would not trade that for anything. We enjoy the outdoors. One of my hobbies is exercising, for me exercise is about my mental health. We all need something that helps us reset our mind.

Is there anything that people, especially in Somerset Berkley, don’t know about you, but you would like them to?

I am from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and I also went to college in my country. I majored in International Relations.