Freshman Summer Orientation Program Reinstated at SBRHS

Kylee Schecter

These sessions were held on June 21 and 22, two of them being on the 21. Compared to the usual 50% rate of attendance on past orientations, 180 of the 230 incoming freshmen attended their designated session.  Each session kicked off with a small introduction to the day’s events and what exactly a Big Buddy does by Mrs.Nassiff. Incoming freshmen or “little buddies” were put into small groups with several designated teams of Big Buddies. After introductions, the groups moved into the gym where they started icebreakers. The first icebreaker, called the “Tennis Ball Name Game”, is an exercise where a participant tosses a tennis ball to someone else in their group while saying their name. The purpose of this icebreaker is to completely introduce yourself to the members of your group and to become more comfortable with each other. The second icebreaker of the session was actually kept a mystery to participating little buddies. In the third icebreaker of the session called the “Find Someone Name Game”, big and little buddies alike would participate in finding another person that meets a set criteria within 90 seconds. A few categories for the game are “this person likes to run” or “this person owns an iPhone”. The little buddy and big buddy with the most signatures at the end of each time period were given prizes from the school store at the close of each session. The final icebreaker of the session is to make a “Paper Bag Skit”. Each participating group is given a bag full of props and a theme for the skit; some sample themes were “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice”. Each group is given about twenty minutes to prepare before they perform their skits on the stage for the other groups. Big Buddies then gave tours of the first floor of the building, making sure to note any important “landmarks” for a later activity. Soon after, Big Buddies engaged in a student panel where they discussed the importance of involvement, extracurriculars, and student traditions. The day then rounded off with a fun scavenger hunt involving the previously mentioned “landmarks”. Winners of this scavenger hunt were given small prizes.