Ms. Cabral Seven Question Slam


1. What (or who) inspired you to start teaching?
I was inspired to become a teacher by the teachers I was lucky enough to have during my time as a student in Somerset. My teachers were kind, but also pushed me to continue improving and be the best version of myself. They were strong, positive, influences in my life and contributed to the person I am today.
2. What is your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about teaching is getting to work with students. I love hearing their ideas, having discussions about civics and history, and working together toward the “aha” moments. It’s exciting to watch students make connections and build understanding!
3. What frustrates you the most about your job?
What frustrates me the most about my job is that I cannot fix everything. There are things I wish I could change that are not in my control! For instance, I cannot fix or change everything we are going through in different ways with COVID. All we can do is our best!
4. What would you be doing if you weren’t in school?
If I were not in school right now, I would be on a walk with my dog! (It’s sunny and beautiful outside!)
5. Favorite TV show or movie?
My favorite TV shows are The Office, Friends, and Gilmore Girls
6. Favorite book?
So this is super geeky, but my favorite thing to read is primary source documents about the founding of the US and new democracy (perfect for a civics teacher!).
7. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are spending time with my family, going to the beach, and going on hikes with my dog when the weather is nice. I love to be outside!