Blue Raider Block With Mr. Ramos


Preston Khoury, Contrubitor

The Blue Raider Block happens every Thursday at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. Mr. Ramos is an engineering design teacher here at the high school who offers an exciting enrichment course during Blue Raider Block. His block consists of the designing and construction of a pond as well along with the constructing of the bridge to go over it on the South School grounds as part of an environmental project. There are a few things required to officially join the enriching period. First, you have to sign up for both blocks, have to bring in our own bikes and helmets from home for safety reasons. You also have to see him and ask for a permission slip that needs to be signed as soon as possible.  When you do bring your bike on school grounds where there is a bike rack to hold your bikes that will be brought into Mr. Ramos’s classroom. We rode our bikes 1.2 miles from the school to South School. We are required to wear safety glasses and hard  helmets. So far, it has been dug a few feet into the pond and the project isn’t expected to be done until mid 2020.

Over the weeks this course has been available Various students have found the class to be very enjoyable and fun. A student said, “I find this project to be really fun especially with one of my favorite teachers, as well as doing something good for the community”. Another student mentioned, “There is a lot required for the enrichment itself, but is super fun riding our bikes over to the site.” Mr. Ramos encourages many people, especially in his own classes to come and join. Its honestly a really fun and innovative enrichment period that I believe if you love the outdoors it is worth your while. So, grab your helmet and your shovel and start digging.