Are Google Forms Enjoyable or Unnecessary?


Tyler Barros, Contributor

Google Forms is a platform that a lot of people use for surveying purposes. The survey can be about an important topic, or for feedback. However, are the Google Forms sent through the school email a good thing?

Two weeks ago, I sent the Class of 2022 a form about Google Forms. I wanted to get an opinion on whether or not these forms were enjoyable. The Google Forms sent through email are always helpful in some way, but I am unsure if too many forms are being sent out. However, the results were quite striking.

About half of the students that took my survey said that they enjoyed filling out forms. About 30% were in the middle of whether or not it was enjoyable, and only 15% said that they did not enjoy it. Another key question was whether they liked to just fill out one every once in a while, or did they also love to receive many forms.

The majority (67.5%) said that they liked to receive many emails with forms to fill out. These types of results show everybody how much people enjoy these forms and would like to continue receiving them.

The last question was if people wanted others to stop sending out these forms through email. Over a quarter of respondents do not want the forms to stop, while a tenth of total respondents do. The majority (59%) said that they do not care about the matter.