Why We Wore Green


Isabella Rocha, Contributor

On Thursday, two announcements were made asking students to wear green on March 15th. Students were asked to wear green to support the students all over the world that were protesting against the years of inaction on climate change. Some students skipped school while others walked out. Students at Somerset-Berkley were asked to wear green so they would not have to skip school or walk out if they supported this cause. However, it seems as though some people misunderstood why students were asked to wear green.

The purpose of wearing green was not to support a specific policy. The purpose of wearing green and strikes all over the world was to show politicians that the younger generations want politicians to take action against climate change. The administration was not forcing students to wear green nor was it forcing its political views on politics since the school was not having students wear green to support a specific policy or candidate. The students were invited to wear green instead of being forced to. The idea to wear green was presented by a concerned student.