Thomas Rose-Student of the Month


Tyler Barros, Contributor

Q. Describe the award
A. The student of the month award is used to highlight students that go above “the line of duty”, and show compassion, kindness, and a good work ethic to their class.
Q. How did you Achieve this award?
A. I really don’t know how I achieved this award. One thing I’ve done that might contribute is always telling the teacher to have a nice day or something in that area. An act of kindness can go a long way.
Q. At what time intervals is this award given out?
A.Once a month.
Q.Have you ever received this award before?
A.Not in this school but in my elementary school once or twice.
Q. What other awards have you received in your lifetime?
A. Some other rewards I’ve received in my life are some the occasional sports trophy like basketball and baseball, but some of the better rewards I’m more proud of are from my middle school graduation. I got a Presidential award for receiving a G.P.A higher than a 3.5 over my whole middle school career. I also received my own specific reward for being an ambassador for Project 351 which is an organization in Massachusetts where one kid from every town and city is chosen to represent their area by doing large community service events.
Q. Can this award be won twice?
A. I believe so, they are given out in different academics and I so happened to receive one for health class. Also since they give them out each month then I think it can be.
Q. If so, do you feel as though you could win it in the future?
A. Maybe, it’s not a future plan of mine to strive to. Just keep on worrying about what’s right and all else will fall in line.