SBR Game Club

Alexander Vincent, Contributor

Ethan Lazaro is starting the SBR Game Club, a club where kids can play all types of games.  He says board games, card games, and he is thinking of bringing his Playstation so we can play console games.   The club starts December 10th in room 328 right after school, and he already has a lot of members joined, with more to join!  He does say that if you have board games, video games, and card games, that you should bring them!  The club is open to everyone so you can come to any of the meetings, which will take place every Monday.  Ethan said,  “I made the club to allow people who I have similar interest with to be free to be themselves.”   The club isn’t one of those wait to get in clubs because it’s open to everyone.  He also says, “The club is meant to be fun for everyone, even if the games we play aren’t for you there will be other games that will be played that you will enjoy”.