NHS Awards Night 2018


Ryan Silverman, Editor

On June 4, 2018, the National Honor Society hosted an awards night where a number of awards and scholarships were given out, as well as the finalized list for the top ten of the senior class.  Below are the award recipients and top ten:

Brown University Book Award: Mylee Setzer

The Harvard Prize Book Award: Lily Ferreira

The Holy Cross Book Prize Award: Meghan King

DECA Business Book Award: Kara Kanuse

St. Michael’s College Book Award: Sydney Filipe

University of Rochester Humanities/Social Sciences Award: Ryan Silverman

Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Award: Ryan Silverman

Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Elizabeth Orlando

The George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Guy Parenteau

The Xerox Award: Michael Gagliardi

The Air Force Award: Eddy Raad

Donald J. McNamara Award: Kyan Leite

The Diane Paskowski Chemistry Achievement Award: Lily Ferreira

The Jo-Ann E. Silvia Biology Achievement Award: Jeremy Dessert

The Anatomy and Physiology Achievement Award: Lindsay Chubbuck

The Environmental Science Achievement Award: Samantha Francoeur

Foreign Language Awards

  • French: Laura Guirand
  • Portuguese: Josie Schmidt
  • Spanish: Michael Ferreira

Excellence in AP Psychology: Colby Yokell

Excellence in AP History: Sydney Mis and Alexandria Celia

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Jeremy Dessert

D.A.R. Good Citizenship Awards: Autumn Rayray

President’s Academic Fitness Awards (includes top 10)

  • Julia Ahasey
  • Devon Barros
  • Tiffany Chasse
  • Soleil Corvelo
  • Chase Franco
  • Olivia Lucianno
  • Zachary Martin
  • Ian Rodriguez
  • Collin Ryder
  • Sarah Wilson

(start of top ten)

  • 10: Catherine Casey
  • 9: Colby Yokell
  • 8: Gina Gagliardi
  • 7: Gemma Bruce
  • 6: Alexandria Celia
  • 5: Micaela Rennick
  • 4: Eddy Raad
  • 3: Sydney Mis
  • 2: Jillian Levesque
  • 1: Jeremy Dessert