Sydney Mis, Co-Editor

The senior class of 2018’s senior superlatives are in. They are as follows:


Best Dressed

Camryn DoMonte and Kyle Cardoso


Most Likely to Succeed

Jillian Levesque and Michael Ferreira


Cutest Couple

Colin Ryder and Camryn DoMonte


Most Musical

Juliette Beaulieu and David Marshall Jr.


Nicest Smile

Paige Capone and Devon Urena


Most Raider Pride

Samantha Borges and Chase Franco


Cutest Friends

Sierra Teves and Camryn DoMonte


Most Likely to be Famous

Alexandria Celia and Jack Caron


Most Memorable Laugh

Erin Rockcliffe and Ian Rodriguez


Life of the Party

Maegan Teixeira and Scott Lebeau


Most Athletic

Megan Antaya and Chase Stafford


Class Clown

Lindsay Chubbuck and Matt Shea


Best Shoulder to Cry On

Mariah Mahjoory and Samuel Arruda


Most Unique

Catherine Casey and Kevin Correa


Most Accident Prone

Mackenzie Reis and Ryan Beaulieu


Best All Around Person

Gina Gagliardi and Devon Barros


Most Artistic

Faye Silvia and Benjamin Matos


Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Autumn Rayray and Kevin Conlon


Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Aliyah Welker and Hunter Dusio


Social Media Famous

Kara Desjarlais and Luke Faria


Real Life Social Butterfly

Kara Kanuse and Colin Ryder


Best Person to Bring Home to Mom

Abigail Cadorette and Christian Rose


Most likely to Live Abroad

Nicole Mitton and Eddy Raad


Most Dependable

Emily Binette and James Arruda


Most Sarcastic

Tayla Bissonnette and Jacob Rebello


Best Dancer

Olivia Luciano and Jonah Salamon


Best Bromance

Eddy Raad and Zach Martin